As the premier U.S. destination for the highest-quality mattresses and sleep accessories, The Luxury Bed Collection invites you to experience sleep like never before. With their curated expertise, you can learn decades of craftsmanship in simply one visit. Their selection of all-natural mattresses and other sleep products ensure comfort, posture alignment and support customized to your unique needs. The Luxury Bed Collection represents Hästens and Vispring, both carrying the torch of excellence — guided by a commitment to your wellbeing. Discover what sleep can really be.

The Luxury Bed Collection

  • Chicago: 440 N. Wells St. Suite 100 N, 312.527.5337
  • Dallas: 1444 Oak Lawn Ave Suite 316, 214.252.0101
  • Naples: 111 10th Street South, Suite 110, 239.296.5497