Colonial Bronze manufactures architectural hardware.  Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish exactly as it has since 1927.  The company remains in the same family and all manufacturing is in the same turn of the century factory located in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut.  Time moves slowly when you manufacture the finest architectural hardware.     

The family’s commitment to providing the highest quality objects and hardware, in the most eco-friendly way is never ending.  These are true artisans.     

Colonial Bronze’s aesthetics vary from traditional and transitional to modern.  They are perfectionists; customization requires it.  Your options for custom are unlimited because every object is hand-crafted; produced from raw material to finished product, piece by piece, in their now state-of-the-artisan facility. 

Artisanship is a way of life at Colonial Bronze.  It’s why they’ve been serving the most discerning design professionals and America’s most affluent families for 92 years. 

Colonial Bronze 

511 Winsted Road, Torrington, Connecticut 06790