DEDAR is an international textile editor and is the fruit of Elda and Nicola Fabrizio’s passion for the world of design and textiles. Since 1997, Caterina and Raffaele have worked alongside their parents managing the company, sharing their passionate enthusiasm and at the same time contributing to the growth and expansion of the brand with a vision of their own.

DEDAR makes use of carefully selected textile mills, specialized in various materials and manufacturing techniques, enjoying the freedom to transpose into textiles some techniques or materials that would normally be intended for other applications. With over 300 articles and 3000 color ways, DEDAR’s collection of fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings is seductive and audacious, as well as unique and timeless.

DEDAR serves the world through exclusive showrooms, such as Jerry Pair, and Interior Designers.

Milan  Via Fiori Chiari 18: +39 02 8058 1823
London  Unit C7-Chelsea Harbour, Design Centre-London SW 10 OXF: +44 (0) 207 35 199 39
Moscow  3, Bolshoy Nikolopeskovskiy:  +7 499 2414202
Munich  Widenmayerstr. 5: +49 89 2368767-0
Paris  20, rue Bonaparte: +33 1 56811095

With 2700 points of sale distributed in over 60 countries around the world and a contract division that provides textiles to restaurants, hotels, boutiques, luxury yachts and private jets, DEDAR now plays a leading role in the world of textile editing.

Creativity and research continue to be the main focus: achieving a technical excellence, but at the same time keeping a strong aesthetic sensibility has always been the hallmark of DEDAR collections and has contributed to worldwide recognition in the design world.