“Great Design Begins With A Great Story”


A well-designed space tells a story. It may be the story of a place, a period, a person, a journey, or even just a tale spun from pure imagination. The story is told in the conversation of elements chosen for the space, and it is this dialogue that transforms an assemblage of objects, forms, colors, patterns and textures into an artful composition. 


My clients are people who have written their stories across their lives in a language of moments captured, goals accomplished, and dreams realized. I act as their editor, translating those stories into a language of collected and discovered objects, color and pattern, form and line, creating the compositions that enliven their spaces with the stories they want to tell. 



To tell your story, I begin by understanding you. In what objects are your fondest memories held? What intrigues you? What have been your defining moments, and what spurs your memories of those moments? We will also talk about where you want to go next, and how your home will reflect and support that desire, in anything from the items you wish to collect and the people with whom you will share them to the ways in which your spaces must function. 


The homes we create together will tell and become part of your story. They will live in you as you live in them.

Gary Inman Home Couture

Gary Inman, ISFD, NEWH, SAH, Allied ASID 

Gary resides in Virginia, and has studios in Birmingham, Alabama, Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, DC to serve clients worldwide.   844.666.1998