Drawn from a long line of service to our country, Heather Bates has traveled and lived the world.  After moving 19 times, her home is outside Washington, DC.  But you’re more likely to find her at Dulles as Heather accepts commissions throughout United States and Europe.

There many professional Interior Designers who do ‘naturals’ well.  But only a few who understand how to balance color, tone and texture to create a luxurious home that lives in the moment.

Heather seeks inspiration from nature’s four seasons and life on all seven continents.  Her aesthetic is ablaze with warmth driven by the global influences she shares with her clients.  Heather intuitively understands the lives of her global clients.  They’ve probably visited the same obscure villages.

Heather Bates Interior Design’s privileged clients generally commission Heather Bates because they share the understanding that color drives joy, happiness, warmth and comfort.  It’s also why Heather Bates’ clients continue to employ her for multiple homes in multiple countries.

It’s a privileged life.  And Heather would feel privileged to serve you too.

Chantilly, Virginia