Mimi Masri’s design style has been described as Contemporary, Sophisticated Classic, Modern Eclectic and Iconoclastic. Irrespective of how one may define it, her design point of view articulates a fresh, bold aesthetic derived from a thoughtful and often unexpected melding of color, texture, finish, scale and architectural detail.

Masri prefers a strong, determined look, complementing the square footage of the space by allowing a room to breathe and encourage optimal enjoyment. She begins with clean contemporary lines and a minimum of eye-catching embellishments. From this foundation, elements are introduced from varied genres and periods; all coordinated in perfect harmony to create a finished product: the goal of which is to evoke an emotional reaction. Her rooms do not “look;” they “feel.”

Mimi Masri’s body of work explores the infinite opportunity of design creativity and artistic diversity, all the while respecting her background in classical style. Using her innate architectural sensitivity, impeccably accurate sense of color and color pairing, and intuitive understanding of texture and scale, Masri weaves together timeless and infinitely elegant interiors.

Mimi Masri

MMDesigns, LLC, 401 South County Road, #3167, Palm Beach, Florida 33480