Seattle Stair & Design is now known as Gauge Design Group to more accurately reflect their industry global leadership.

In 2001 Seattle Stair & Design founder Shawn Christman set off for Europe in search of the Compagnons du Devoir (“Brotherhood of Duty”), the elite guild of woodworkers who built the great cathedrals and chateaux of France.


Their origins are shrouded in history.  According to Compagnon tradition, the guild first appeared at the time of Solomon, helping to build the first temple in Jerusalem before migrating to Gaul.  What’s certain is that by the twelfth century AD, the Compagnons were active in the construction trades in Europe.

Shawn discovered an enduring tradition that was very much alive.  The guild was at work all over Europe, building  masterpieces that represent the peak of centuries of development of the finest European joinery.  Shawn toured their headquarters and training shops. He studied their history, met with their leadership, and ultimately achieved his goal – to become the first North American stair maker hosting Compagnons as a destination “Stage” for their apprentices and masters.

Owners Matt Dekkor and his brother David Dekker continue this unique culture of learning and sharing of techniques and methods that enriches the craftsman, as well as Gauge Design Group clients in immeasurable ways.  Unlike any other firm in the world, Gauge Design Group produces stairs for their clients that represent the fusion of this old-world craftsmanship and modern techniques.

Gauge Design Group accepts projects throughout the world.

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