Sharon McCormick has served high net worth clients her entire business life.  For the first two decades Sharon practiced accountancy as a CPA for Price Waterhouse.  Raised on the Hippocratic Oath, Sharon still considers it her non-negotiable standard as a highly sought-after Interior Designer.

In 2002 Sharon shifted from growth of wealth to growth of living a sophisticated well-deserved abundant life; same discriminating clientele.  Instead of managing financials, Sharon creates and designs interiors so her clients may live as they desire; in a custom designed home specifically for them.

Sharon McCormick may be best defined by her dedication to always positive outcomes for her clients who are at the point in their life when they expect their home to reflect the breadth of the life they lead; good taste and comfortable living, sophisticated and understated, and balanced by intelligent investments in objects, art and furnishings.   

Sharon McCormick Design

31 Pratt St. Suite 403, Hartford, Connecticut 06103 USA