Snoozzz Organics features Naturepedic organic mattresses and bedding. 

Naturepedic is committed to providing each customer with the best night’s sleep and best health possible by keeping dangerous chemicals and toxic substances out of your home.

Each state-of-the-art organic mattress, mattress pad, topper and bedding is manufactured in their own factory in Ohio.  Naturepedic branded products are certified organic and non-toxic by the Global Organic Textile Standard.  Designed to promote your family’s overall health and safety, every Naturepedic mattress helps you rest easier knowing your family’s sleep environment and your sleep environment is safer, healthier, and free from harsh chemicals.

Naturepedic has become one of the premier organic mattress companies in the world.  An appellation earned through their rigorous quality standards, their partnerships with the finest bedding galleries, along with pediatricians, engineers, and the Amish craftsman who hand craft each product.

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Photography by Sarah Elliott