Doug Stratton’s expertise evolved from designing Hollywood sets to Interior Design and Interior Architecture.  His eye for the granular and his expertise with space and lighting are profound.  Today, Stratton Design Group creates beautiful and comfortable homes for HNW families throughout the United States.  Doug sees space and color as few others do. 


Doug Stratton is a master of light and how it plays with color.  He’ll see things you won’t notice.  And he’ll create for you a sense of balance and sanctuary that few homes possess.  Doug’s expertise with lighting is akin to how a virtuoso plays their Steinway; it’s visceral.    


Stratton has worked with peer A-List Interior Designers on both coasts where highlighting and nuancing the light was essential.  He is routinely retained by high level architects and developers for design and lighting guidance.  

Doug and his wife moved from California to North Carolina to raise their daughter.  With their move, the southeast gained a rare talent, and his family found a home.


Doug Stratton sees every room as a set in a movie; where the camera misses nothing and amplifies anything less than perfect.  Perfection is Stratton Design Group’s non-negotiable standard.

1950 Hendersonville Road, #1006, Skyland, North Carolina 28776