Madeline Szostak Hoge, Realtor

Madeline S. Hoge, Realtor

The Home Trust International (HTI)
:  What first compelled you to enter your business field?

Madeline Hoge (MSH):  After relocating around the country 10 times with my family, we had relocation down to a science. We know what is necessary to get settled quickly into a new area and what resources are needed. I took that knowledge and started helping others with their transition to the Cincinnati area.

What inspires you and who has most influenced you?

MSH:  Rob Sibcy and the Sibcy Cline family. They have always given me the tools that I need to succeed and supported me along the way.

Please tell us about your family and your personal life.

MSH:  My husband, Tom, runs a successful Engineering company in Dayton, OH. We have three adult boys, Tyler, Peyton and Mason. Our newest addition to our family is a Black Labrador, Nettie.

When my husband bought his company several years ago, we started a Family Council which has helped our family stay close, but also to develop as individuals. We have quarterly meetings which includes a goal setting exercise as well as a family celebration.

Our hobbies consist of a span of activities. We enjoy attending and watching soccer as well as biking, running, skiing, yoga and Pilates. We also believe in giving back to the community. I am involved with Kindervelt, United Way, the ArtsWave, Lindner Center for Hope and Gloves for Love to name a few.

That’s very impressive. What is the best advice you ever received?

MSH:  When I told my husband I could never do sales, he told me that people don’t like to be ‘sold’ something. He said I was a ‘Consultant. I listen, observe and recommend solutions for my client’s relocation and housing needs.

I always think of that advice when I work with my clients. Putting their best interest is a priority.

Is there a common thread that runs through all exceptional products or services?

MSH:  My educational background and training as a management consultant has taught me that you must have continual improvement. I am constantly trying to change with the ever evolving real estate market and continue with search for excellence in the real estate profession. Clients are much savvier than ever so I need to make sure I have added extra value to their real estate experience.

In what ways has real estate changed over the years?

MSH:  I started in real estate before our Multiple Listing Service was on the internet. Real Estate agents still were the gatekeepers of what was on the market. That changed in my first year to real time information given to clients as new homes got on the market. Rob Sibcy invested heavily into his website and made his site the best resource for clients. He also continues to improve with the changes in technology and social media.

Do you have a favorite object that reflects extraordinary design? Why?

MSH:  My favorite object would be the pillow. I have my homes professionally staged and pillows can update a room instantly. Whatever color or pattern is trending at the moment can give any room a facelift.

What makes a home sing?

MSH:  Simplicity. Too many times people think more is better when in reality it is less. Clear away the clutter and the home instantly becomes relaxed and inviting.

Do you have a particular place you enjoy visiting? Is there a place you consider your secret hideaway?                      

MSH:  We have a farm in Virginia outside of Blacksburg. It is a Historic property that has been in the Hoge family for hundreds of years. Visiting there is our secret get away to enjoy the wonders and peacefulness of nature.

Please tell us about your taste in books or music. Do you have a favorite author or artist?

MSH:  My passion is for books.  We have a library of everything from self-improvement, fiction to historic books.  As far as music, I enjoy a variety while I am working out, but in general, I prefer quiet.

Do you have a favorite museum? 

MSH:  The Museum of Science and Industry would be my favorite since that is the museum I grew up with in Chicago. My boys also got to experience it when we lived or visited there. But I love museums so the Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Louvre are all some of my favorites. I grew up playing Masterpiece so although science has always been my educational interest, art is my leisure interest.

When you’re not working where are you most likely to be found?

MSH:  On a trail, walking, biking or running.  I always joke that I solve all world problems when I get away from it all. Although I have never truly solved world problems, I have solved many real estate challenges.

What makes a great organization?    

MSH:  Customer Service. If you aren’t paying attention to your clients, you won’t have a lot of customers.

Why The Home Trust? 

MSH:  My philosophy is that you need to surround yourself with the best, brightest and most successful people. As my husband says, “Soar with the Eagles, not with the Turkeys.”

Then you’ve found a permanent home! If you weren’t in your current field, what would you be doing? 

MSH:  I would go back into management consulting. I loved management consulting, but that would require too much business travel. I now prefer recreational travel.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?   

MSH:  My philosophy is to provide a fresh perspective with the highest level of industry standards in integrity and professionalism to best service my clients relocation and housing needs.

HTI:  Madeline, thank you for sitting with us today.

Madeline Hoge is the preeminent real estate profession in SW Ohio.  As she would say “Experience a Fresh Perspective.”

Madeline’s resume includes:

Real Estate Background

  • Founder of Platinum Services…a Fresh Perspective on Real Estate
  • Relocation Expert: Personal, Professional and Corporate Wide
  • Managed Over 1 Billion Dollars in Sales
  • Reviewed over 5000 Sales Contracts and 4000 Listings

The Difference…Home Trust International Real Estate Consultant

  • Highest Industry Standards
  • Commitment to Serve Clients
  • Breadth and Depth of Expertise
  • Measuring Everyday Detail on a Granular Level
  • Talent, Passion & Professionalism without Drama or Surprises
  • I’m Local: I’m Global

Platinum Services “A Fresh Perspective” on Real Estate

  • Trusted Advisor for Buyers/Sellers
  • Precision Pricing Analysis
  • Relocation Networks
  • Front-runner in Proactive and Creative Marketing
  • Proven Negotiator

Community Service/Involvement

  • Freedom Award Winner for Excellence in Business
  • Heritage Club Member
  • Kindervelt #19 in Heritage Club, Past President, member, sponsor
  • Past President and Chairman of the Board, Kearney Area Children’s Museum
  • Marathon Runner: Flying Pig, Chicago, Air Force, Marine Corps
  • Bicyclist: Velo Sano

Professional/Educational Background

  • Caledonia Ventures, Inc./Production Controls Inc., Secretary
  • Production Control Units Board Member and Family Council Member (2013)
  • Senior Management Consultant for KPMG (1990)
  • Manager of Management Engineering for First Wachovia Bank (1987)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate, B.S. in Management Science with Concentrations in Industrial Engineering and Psychology (1985)


  • Diamond Level Award winner / Sibcy Cline (2015)
  • Creative Marketing Award
  • Floyd Wickman’s Sales Achievement Award

Sales and Management Training

  • Sandler Training and Summit (2012-2015)
  • Floyd Wickman Sweat Hogs and Starmasters Trained and Coach
  • American Management Association Certifications

Real Estate Designations

  • Professional Business Development (PBD) – This Sibcy Cline Realtors® designation acknowledges the mastery of sales and business management skills in real estate.
  • Real Estate Technology Specialist (RTS) – Real Estate Technology Specialist (RTS) is an exclusive Sibcy Cline Realtors® designation for those Realtors® who effectively utilize Technology and the Internet with their business plans.
  • Sibcy Cline Relocation Specialist (SRS) – Sibcy Cline Relocation Specialist (SRS) is an exclusive Sibcy Cline Realtors® designation for those Realtors® who have mastered the complex procedures of the relocation real estate business.
  • Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) – Available through The Institute of Residential Marketing, the CSP is earned by specialists in new home sales. This designation enhances professional image, increases marketability in the home building industry and positions the agent to sell more new homes.
  • Integrity Coaching® Specialist – Certified by Integrity Solutions® as a trained specialist to guide sales professionals with an emphasis on goal clarity, high achievement drive, strong emotional intelligence and excellent social skills.