Jerad Gardemal, President

JF Gardemal Designs

The Home Trust International (HTI): What first compelled you to enter design?

Jerad Gardemal (JG): My interest in art and design began when I was 8-9 years old. The concept of an interior’s “soul” has captivated me since childhood, igniting a lifelong quest for the elements that imbue a space with palpable life and presence. I discovered that the art and soul of great design is a symphony of very specific details that animate a space: ones that shine and crackle with a sense of time, place, and humanity.


HTI: Who has been the strongest influence on your career and why?

JG: I learned from a mentor and had two decades of experience prior to starting my firm. That mentor taught me invaluable things about how to run a business, how to refine my eye, to understand and see things of the highest quality, to elevate appreciation for fine textiles and accessories, and how to merge a client’s vision with the highest design principles to create a truly exquisite and exceptional home.


HTI: If you could have told your 20 year old self one thing, what would it have been?

 JG: Follow your passion, because you can and will build a successful career following what your heart is telling you to do with your life. I built my business and my brand on my passion, Creating an artful, livable salute to your past, present, and future. My company is renowned for delivering exquisitely crafted homes that are, without exception, inherently purposeful and comfortably opulent. With expert guidance, we lead you through a journey marked by time-honored traditions, joyful collaboration, and the inception of your very own tailor-made living environments. My 20 year old self would be proud of the business I have built and more importantly, the values that clearly defined me.


HTI: Please tell us about your family and your personal life.

JG: I have been married to an amazing man since 2017 and we have been together since 2003. We divide our time between our homes in Louisiana and NYC. We have one child, our fur baby, Mr. Bates a cockapoo. Named after the charming character from Downton Abbey. Mr. Bates is more than just a furry friend — he’s an integral part of the JF Gardemal Designs family. With his wagging tail and infectious energy, Mr. Bates greets each customer with enthusiasm, spreading joy and warmth throughout our showroom. As our loyal companion, Mr. Bates embodies the spirit of hospitality and companionship. Whether he’s cuddled up on his favorite chair or charming visitors with his tricks, Mr. Bates is truly an angel in our midst. With his endearing personality and boundless love, he’s sure to make your experience with us even more memorable. My husband and I could not adore him more.


HTI: What is the best advice you have received?

JG: My maternal grandfather used to tell me that you work very hard in life, so buy the best quality that you can afford wherever you are in life, because quality always lasts, and it is worth the investment.


HTI: Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

JG: Good design and high quality are always evident when you have taught yourself to look for these elements. A chair that cost $500 and a chair that cost $2500 may look identical in a photo, but the differences are vast and obvious when you put them side by side. The fine quality of any item or service or product has a way of shining through. They have a way of standing out. Even though you may not be able to immediately define what makes them differ, you can intuitively sense that they are a cut above the rest when you develop an eye for elegance and quality.


HTI: What’s on your wish list?

JG: The Pasha de Cartier watch is my next big purchase. I enjoy beautiful accessories and this watch is the next on my wish list. I am also planning a trip to the Highlands in Scotland soon.


HTI: Do you prefer the country or the city?

JG: The city, I am not much for the country. Although, I can design a gorgeous farmhouse, you will not catch me vacationing there.


HTI: What recent project or transaction are you most proud of?

JG: We had a longtime client with an incredible 8500 square foot Mid Century home that in the middle of the renovation had a house fire. We had to pivot and help them with the house fire damages and were still able to complete the installation on the original deadline before the Holidays 2023. This was a huge personal accomplishment; the client did not think we would be able to manage all the details and get the job completed on time. When we did, it was amazing to see them celebrate the holidays in their new home, knowing that we had been a huge part of meeting that deadline. We did so without bogging the client down with details, we worked confidently with an amazing builder and delivered on what was promised.


HTI: What has evolved and what hasn’t over the years?

JG: The technological advances have made it easier to work on our projects and presentations for clients. We can manage jobs from any location and communicate seamlessly with vendors, subs, and clients. What has not changed and is even more important than ever before in this digital age is a true human connection with our clients. People with discerning taste expect exceptional service. Embark on a purposeful journey guided by genuine connection, emotive design, and an unwavering dedication to your experience. Crafting a home that defies the ordinary requires a commitment to excellence at every turn. Whether you’re building, renovating, or furnishing a home, we pledge to provide you with a peerless experience that enriches your lifestyle from project inception to beyond completion.


HTI: The one thing I’ve had forever is: 

JG: The thing that means the most to me is the Nativity set I got from my grandmother. It used to sit in the window of the flower shop she owned at Christmas in the 1950’s. It was a part of my childhood and is the one material item that I would be devastated to lose.


HTI: What do you miss the most?

JG: I miss all the wonderful magazines that used to exist. I loved getting magazines at the beginning of each month, and the ritual of looking through the trends. It is not the same reading on a phone or tablet and having constant access to ever evolving and updated information. The gloss of the paper, the scent of the fragrance’s samples, that whole experience was special.


HTI: Do you have a business icon?

JG: Oscar de la Renta had impeccable stye, was a gentleman, and knew how to run his business with confidence and elegance.


HTI: What is your favorite object that reflects extraordinary design (or love, etc.) and why?

JG: My Cartier Santos watch. It is understated, timeless, and recognizable. It also reflects the height of good design and understated elegance. It was also my gift to myself after my first successful year in business as JF Gardemal Designs. It is not flashy, but those who know quality immediately recognize it.


HTI: What makes a room sing?

JG: Textiles are the single most important element in a room to clearly define the client’s point of view, character, and set the mood of any space. Textile options are endless and allow us to create and craft an extraordinary space.


HTI: What place most inspires you?

JG: My favorite place is the Cloisters Museum in NYC. It houses the remains of the Abbeys that were torn down so it is a place that houses irreplaceable Middles Age and Renaissance art. It is a place of quiet and spiritual solace which highlights craftsmanship and devotion that cannot be replicated in our current time. I visit each year and it serves as somewhat of a retreat. It also helps to reengage and reenergize me as a creative.


HTI: Do you have a favorite…?

JG: I have a few:

Museum: The Art Institute of Chicago, their collection is exceptional, but not overwhelming. The have the Thorne Miniature Rooms on their ground floor which is remarkable. As a designer, it is a truly unique experience.

Artist: Edgar Degas, I love his scenes of French daily life but also you can see the work of the artist and his process over perfection. He was unafraid of leaving evidence of his process on the final piece and I love being able to see a brush stroke or pencil outline on an incredible work of art.

Author: Colleen McCullough wrote my favorite book series called The Masters of Rome. Seven books that bring the history of ancient Rome to life in beautiful prose.

City or place: NYC, I love the access to collections of world class museums, theater, and the architecture. Every part of Manhattan has its own unique flavor.

Food: Smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels, and lox. If someone told me I had to live on an island alone and could only bring a few foods, I would be good for life.


HTI: What is your favorite brand and why?

JG: Ralph Lauren is the gold standard of a luxury lifestyle across all categories. He clearly defined luxury lifestyle early on and was a trendsetter of exposing me to an aspirational lifestyle early in my career.


HTI: When you’re not working where are you most likely to be found?

JG: I love to travel, and I love to entertain and cook for friends at home in NYC and Louisiana.


HTI: What makes a great organization?

JG: Clearly defined roles and responsibilities and a clearly defined ideal client. Unimpeachable integrity and a sterling reputation. Under my guidance, the JF Gardemal Designs team upholds a commitment to honest, deeply connected, and top-tier design experiences. Our passion lies in crafting homes with profound meaning and intention, reflecting a soulful and livable experience of the place you call home.


HTI: Why The Home Trust?

JG: We want to be associated with and represented by a company whose values align with ours. The Home Trust is just that.


HTI: If you weren’t in your current field, what would you be doing

JG: I would love to volunteer as a docent in a museum.


HTI: Who is on your personal ‘Board of Directors?

JG: My husband who holds an MBA. A local art gallery owner. A handful of clients that are successful businesspeople. My team at the office. And my most precious dog, who is more like a human child, Mr. Bates.


HTI: What is your personal luxury?

JG: I love high quality expensive bed linens. So much so, that I actually enjoy pressing them myself. There is nothing more luxurious than the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed.


HTI: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

JGComfortably opulent. Time-honored yet current. Personally significant. Our strong client relationships lead to interiors that are layered with soulful personality, touched by history, and deeply livable.

Jerad Gardemal, an esteemed interior designer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, epitomizes excellence through his human-centric approach to design. By maintaining an intimate client list, he invests dedicated time and care into each and every relationship, ensuring genuine connection and perfection.

A graduate of Louisiana State Universitys School of Interior Design, a licensed interior designer, and a professional member of ASID, Jerad has honed his craft through extensive experience in commercial and high-end residential design. After 25 years at a luxury firm, he founded JF Gardemal Designs, swiftly earning a prestigious reputation and repeat clientele across the Southeast, NYC, and internationally.

Under Jerads guidance, the JF Gardemal Designs team upholds a commitment to honest, deeply connected, and top-tier design experiences. Jerads passion lies in crafting homes with profound meaning and intention, reflecting a soulful and livable experience of the place you call home.