Leaders in Luxury + Design
Leaders in Luxury + Design inspire others with their dreams, drive and focus.  These leaders share the traits of integrity and innovation, vision and courage, kindness and toughness. Their luxury is the privilege to serve their families, colleagues, industry and clients.


You likely know these individuals by the brands they lead.  The purpose of these interviews is for you to know them as we know them; innovative and caring visionaries who enjoy serving clients with the finest products and services in the world.



Lisa Davenport

Durham, CT & Naples, FL

Jerry Jacobs, ASID, AIA, CAM

San Francisco, Mexico City

Sara Jaffe

San Francisco, California

Perla Lichi, ASID

Dubai, UAE, Fort Lauderdale

Tiare Noelani Pinto, CKD, Allied ASID, CGP

Kailua, Hawaii

Sue-Jolie Rioux, ASID

Buffalo, New York

Frederick Wildfoerster

New York City, New York


Rick Banas

Shelbyville, KY

Jesse Stolow

Miami, Florida

Barrie Brown

San Jose, California

Shuly Olezky

Miami, Florida

Shawn Christman

Seattle, Washington

Thomas Reiner

Kitzbühel, Austria

Merrimac Dillon

Dallas, Texas

Russ Schliepman

Boston, Massachuesetts


Craig Hogan

Chicago, Illinois

Barbara Salinas

Naples, Florida


Pamela N. Danziger

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Ron Kurtz

Atlanta, Georgia

Mónica Seabra Mendes

Lisbon, Portugal

Christopher P. Ramey

Palm Beach, Florida