Our mission:

  1. Serve high net worth families and their influencers with the world’s finest products and services for their homes.
  2. Accelerate the rise of home design connoisseurship.*
  3. Provide advanced marketing technology centered around classic luxury values and strategies.

*Connoisseurship, as defined by Laurence Kanter, chief curator at Yale Department of the History of Art, “is not about objects; it’s a process of thinking about and making distinctions among things.”  Home Trust members promote the nuances that bridge taste and sophistication to mitigate trends that marginalize quality, professional design, artisanship and craftsmanship.

Quality, craftsmanship,shared values, scarcity, brand, grace and sophistication remain pillars of luxury.  The Home Trust International, unlike any other association, publication or technology platform, is driven by a higher standard of responsibility to clients, each other and the world at large.

We believe transactions are driven by talent, shared values and trust.  Our members are known for creating extraordinary environments and long term relationships. 

Please contact us if you share these values.


Christopher P. Ramey
President, The Home Trust International, Inc.



The Home Trust International, Inc., 401 South County Road, #2754, Palm Beach, Florida 33480 USA