Mónica SEABRA MENDES, Partner, Affluencial


The Home Trust
:  Mónica, you are one of the global thought-leaders in the luxury segment.  What first compelled you to enter the luxury segment?

Mónica SEABRA MENDES: The quest for excellence and beauty:  from nature to objects and to human beings achievements.

: Is it the quest for excellence and beauty that most inspires you?

MSM: Beauty in all its shapes always inspired me.

:  Were there individuals who acted as mentors or who influenced you?

MSM: My grandfather was my main source of inspiration. His gracious manners and superlative style always impressed me, since I was a little girl. I still remember the bouquet of his favorite fragrance.

: So you are observant of the intangibles.  Were you given advice that remains with you?

MSM: Life is a marathon. Do not rush. Take your time.

:  Let’s focus on luxury.  Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

MSM: Definitely one of the major threads of our days is the lack of time given to the act of creation.  We are all running in the short time.  Creativity demands time; nature needs time to reveal its magic; artists need time to perfect their art.  Clients need time to enjoy and appreciate special objects and experiences.

  Referencing magic and art.  What is your favorite object that reflects magic or art and why?  A beautiful lamp that warms the atmosphere on a cold and grey winter afternoon.  Lamps usually provide a final touch in a decoration and can even change its mood.

What makes a room sing?

MSM:  The nobility, quality and sensuality of materials. I like the touch of things.  I like long-lasting materials that do not fade.

We trust that transcends your leadership too.  What makes a great organization?

MSM:  Great people and a great vision

You are truly one of the world’s great leaders in luxury.  So why The Home Trust?

MSM:  Because The Home Trust gathers excellent providers and partners that bring beauty and comfort to your space.

THT:  Thank you Mónica.

Mónica SEABRA MENDES calls Portugal home, but is a true global citizen.  She holds a Master in Luxury, Fashion and Art Management from Sorbonne University in Paris, and a Bachelor degree in Business Communication and Marketing.  Mónica is fluent in five languages.   

Mónica is a partner at Affluencial – a platform dedicated to luxury consultancy and training.  She is also the founder and director of the first Executive Program in Luxury Brand Management in the USA where she became associated with The Home Trust.  The program will expand to other continents in 2015.  Previously, Mónica created an Executive Program in Marketing Management of Luxury Products and Services at the Catholic University of Lisbon, which she has led ever since.  Prior to her consulting, training and education programs, Mónica was Marketing Director of the Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido and worked for the French group Clarins where she was Marketing Director and Consultant for the Iberian market.  She started her career in the press department of Guy Laroche “Haute Couture Maison” in Paris, later holding distinguished positions in PR, Communications and Marketing in L‘Oréal Group in Portugal.