Jeremy Meek, President

Desert Star Construction

The Home Trust International (HTI): What first compelled you to enter your business field?

 Jeremy Meek (JM): I was “born” into the industry; when I was only a few days old, Dad was already carrying me onto roofs of active projects to get a better view. Starting at nine years old, I started working summers for one dollar per hour – learning from Dad, Papa, and the cadre of artisans and craftsmen that make up Team DSC.


HTI: Who or what has been the strongest influence on your career and why?

JM: That is an easy one: my dad, Jerry Meek. He is my best friend, mentor, coach, and business partner. He has taught me so much about construction, business, and life over the years. I am truly blessed to have the relationship I do with him – including that he pushes me to be better and maximize my potential.


HTI: Please tell us about your family and your personal life.

 JM: I am happily married to my best friend and the love of my life: Yasaman. We love the great outdoors and traveling near and far as much as we can. We will soon be welcoming the next generation – the Mini-Meeks as we refer to them – and are looking forward to all the adventures entailed with building a family. It will be up to them which pursuits they will want to excel at, but perhaps the fourth generation of Meek builders will be working with us soon.


HTI: Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

 JM: That’s easy: quality. A quality product solves a problem for you in a way you may not have been aware you needed solving – and that solution is enduring and continues to add value in ways you may not have anticipated.


HTI: In what ways has your company or your industry changed over the years?

 JM: DSC has continued to innovate and redefine higher levels of service and excellence. Beyond digitizing the design and construction documentation process – to make it easier on our clients, trades, and design partners – we have continued to focus on making the home building process a fun experience for our clients. One outflow of that has been our Concierge division; clients do not want the high level of service and experience to end once their fine custom home or Personal Resort is complete – they want that continued experience while they are living in their home, which our Concierge division provides through property and building management services.


HTI: Do you have a favorite project?

JM: My favorite project is the next one! We are privileged to have the showcase of completed projects that we do, but I truly mean it when I saw the next project is going to be my favorite because it represents new challenges, unique problem solving, new team members to engage with, and lessons to be applied from the continual learning and improvement process.


HTI: Okay, but if you had to pick one recent project to be proud of, which would it be?

JM: We recently had the opportunity to feature one of our Personal Resorts: STRATA. Our gracious clients allowed us to feature this premium and unique project through expansive photography and ultimately a book with Oscar Ojeda and team resulted, not only featuring the professional photography at the conclusion of the project, but also having an entire section dedicated to the in-progress photos DSC captured throughout the process. STRATA: a desert dwelling is available for purchase here.


HTI: When you’re not working where are you most likely to be found?

JM: In the great outdoors, with my Nikon in hand! It is easy to make a quick escape for a hike in the mountains in the vicinity of Phoenix or up to the mountains of Northern Arizona. I love the mountains and I feel it is tough to beat the Canadian Rockies, but my wife Yasaman and I sometimes joke that her love language is “beaches.” When at all possible and when we have time to travel out of state, we endeavor to make sure a sandy beach on the coast is included in the itinerary.


Jeremy Meek literally grew up with Desert Star Construction (DSC) in his DNA and is currently serving Team DSC® as President. Since starting work at nine years old at one dollar per hour, Jeremy has worked alongside Team DSC to advance the company’s long-standing commitment to providing clients with trademark DSC excellence – The DSC Standard® – in the most technically complex and finely appointed luxury homes in Arizona. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Arizona State University and a Master of Philosophy in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge in England, Jeremy has completed Stanford University’s Advanced Project Management program, the premier certification for program and project management in the 21st century context. Jeremy was the first LEED for Homes Accredited Professional registered in Arizona. Jeremy and his wife Yasaman enjoy the great outdoors and exploring across the globe.