Innate talent, century-old tradition, a precious sense of beauty and our fantastic hand are the ingredients that give prestige and appeal to each DEA creation. DEA products are created from the careful selection of premium woven fabrics and precious threads that are consigned to our powerful but sophisticated looms, which are able to weave precious cloths. They are then transferred to our Tuscan workshops for processing. In Tuscany, Dea Montellassi, as DEA’s design manager, is in charge of the delicate phases of the creation of the company’s masterpieces, such as the choice of fabrics, colors and designs.

The embroideries are realized by skilled artisans specialized with unique techniques handed down from generation to generation, passed on to the lucky heirs of an incomparable tradition. It is here that laces are applied and cut. The fabrics are unthreaded completely by hand, and rigorously handmade.

The DEA product is the beautiful result of our made-in-Italy strength, the soundness of a family-run company strongly tied to its territory and a people animated by passion and talent throughout all divisions of the company. All DEA products are the fruits of a consolidated experience based on precious and unique artisan values that are also found in our modern industrial lines.

The DEA style has always combined tradition, quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Now more than ever, DEA produces artisanal, unique and elegant creations.

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