Edwina Vidosh

Edwina Vidosh, President, Edwina Alexis 


The Home Trust International (HTI):
What first compelled you to enter design?

Edwina Vidosh (EV): At a very young age, I found my love for design. I never questioned my passion; however, I did receive a minor in psychology, which I use frequently as well. The combination allows me to understand the clients’ needs better and apply it to each individual project.  

If you could have told your 20-year-old self one thing, what would it have been?

EV: Believe in yourself and follow your passion. A talent is a gift, but needs to be nurtured.  

Please tell us about your family and your personal life.

EV: I have twin boys 23 years old and a wonderful husband of 25 years. As a family, we enjoy traveling and the outdoors. Our small farm also houses my Texas office and feeds my soul. Our 4 miniature longhorns, 3 horses and 8 chickens roam the property, and 2 of my 4 dogs accompany me to work on a daily basis. It is so peaceful and inspires me creatively.  I have a wonderful butterfly garden, organic vegetable garden, wildflowers for cutting and take care of the farm and animals with only organic products to respect the environment. After riding horses my whole life, the love for animals and their space among us, is special. The office space is a renovated donkey barn which allows all the animals to come in and interact with us while we work. I also hold special events at the farm, where people of all ages may enjoy the animals. Penelope the cow is very tame and friendly and often allows someone the experience of petting a cow for the first time. It is magical to watch this interaction and brings me much joy.

HTI: What is the best advice you have received and who was it from?

EV: Perfection does not exist! So strive for Excellence!” Debbie Leoni, Life Coach

Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

EV: Integrity in the workmanship and the creativity that developed it.  

Do you prefer the country or the city?

EV: I am definitely a country girl. Being a sixth generation Texan, riding horses and loving nature makes the country my retreat.

What recent project or transaction are you most proud of?

EV: I am very proud of my most recent property I completed with a family I have worked with for several years. Upon arriving at the completed home, the owner said, “This is my dream house!” It doesn’t get any better than that for me!  Also, the last stable I designed was a prideful experience. It was a wonderful space for people and animals alike, elegant and peaceful. 

In what ways has your company changed over the years?

EV: After 23 years, I began designing horse stables. It is extremely rewarding to see people and animals enjoying the environment together. In 30 years, there is so much more accessible to place in my projects because of technology.  It has opened doors to limitless choices.  

Do you have a favorite object that reflects extraordinary design?  

EV: I love antiques and art. They both tell a story and are appreciated and experienced differently by each person. I feel they allow each room to have its own feeling of uniqueness.

 What makes a room sing?

EV: I love the way you asked that question. Elegance and functionality with proper scale and textures, allowing each person to enjoy the energy and mood the room sets.

What place most inspires you?

EV: That is a tough one. I love to travel for culture and I respect them each individually. This making it difficult to select one place in particular. I lived in Salzburg, Austria, allowing me to experience Europe a bit deeper than just a tourist. I loved the villas in France, the chapels in Austria, and the entire experience of Santorini, Greece. Also, the diversity in the United States… From Monticello to the Alamo; it all has a beauty that is inspiring.

When you’re not working where are you most likely to be found?

EV: Loving on my animals, working in my gardens or reading a good book in the pool.

What makes a great organization?

EV: The camaraderie and integrity of the people involved and an excellent collaboration.

Why The Home Trust International?

EV: The Home Trust allows an alignment with elegance and privacy, as well quality and integrity.  

 If you could be granted one wish.  What would it be?

EV: The discovery of a cure for IgA Nephropathy, an autoimmune disease of the kidney. 

 If you weren’t an Interior Designer, what would you be doing?

EV: I would be running an animal rescue sanctuary and teaching the importance of respecting nature with my organic gardens.

HTI: Edwina, thank you for your time today.  And congratulations on becoming a Leader in Luxury + Design.


Award-winning Houston designer Edwina Vidosh earned her Interior Design degree from Texas Christian University.