Jack Cook is a professional architectural and aerial photographer.  He is based in South Florida, but his clients are throughout the Americas.  Cook creates stunning images through a mix of ambient light, special filters, strobe lights and multiple exposures.

Cook is a master with retouching images.  Each color and texture is recalibrated for accuracy.  He’ll bring brown trees back to life, turn grey skies to sunny, dark pools become aquatic, and the house next door seen through the window can become the beach.  Light switches, vents, cracks in concrete or any other less than perfect reality of the property will disappear.

Cook approaches his photography from a cinematic perspective.  Each image is shot with multiple exposures and light is always managed on a granular basis.  Cook provides a platform for his clients to communicate their story.  Cook is a better story teller.  He’ll ensure you are too.

Jack Cook Photography, Pompano Beach, Florida USA