Las Vegas Luxury Beds was founded by a group of individuals with a passion and zest for all things healthy sleep. We take sleep seriously, and understand its importance as everyone spends 1/3rd of their life in bed!

Las Vegas Luxury Beds offers the foremost collection of ultra-luxury beds in Las Vegas. Their staff provides the highest level of product knowledge and service to ensure that your shopping experience is both pleasant and educational. You will be provided with the information necessary to make an educated purchase when choosing your bed.

Las Vegas Luxury Beds features both the Vi-Spring and Carpe Diem brands, two of the world’s finest makers of ultra-luxury beds. Each bed is expertly handcrafted fusing a discerning eye for aesthetics with a timeless and dynamic passion for the craft. The result of such work is a masterpiece that commands the presence of any room while always providing an exquisite level of life long comfort.

495 S. Grand Central Parkway, Suite A219, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 USA