Estate Management Consulting

Luxury Lifestyle Logistics is a luxury home management consulting firm headed by Jennifer O. Laurence.   Her expertise is working with families who employ staff and/or a large number of vendors for their private residences.

Luxury Lifestyle Logistics provides a number of services that streamline operations and ensure households are managed professionally and efficiently.  Ms. Laurence and her team will create and implement policies and procedures tailored specifically to your preferences for your staff and vendors to execute.  This includes real estate, properties, yachts, automotive and aviation holdings.

Luxury Lifestyle Logistics is based in Chicago, Illinois USA and works with private clients throughout the world.         312.650.9522


Luxury Lifestyle Logistics saves you money by ensuring your home works seamlessly.  They’ll work closely with you to select the right staff.  Luxury Lifestyle Logistics knows the right vendors who won’t take advantage of your success.


Luxury Lifestyle Logistics saves you time with effortless communication processes, as well as defined responsibilities and outcomes.  Your home will be managed responsibly and effortlessly – so you don’t have to spend time questioning why staff doesn’t do their job.


Luxury Lifestyle Logistics ensures your family and you are safe.  Your systems and home will be secure.  Your vendors and anyone who is near your home will be vetted.  There will be specific non-negotiable standards for every possible issue from the locking of windows to the social media privacy.