Sara Jaffe is a highly respected leader in the design industry.  She has spent the last 30 years designing custom furniture for design professionals and private clients, including furniture manufacturers.

Sara Jaffe Designs specializes in fine custom furniture and cabinetry design. Sara offers three furniture collections that are made to order:

  • Benucci Table and Chair Collection
  • Curvado Seating Collection
  • Suave Seating Collection

Design firms employ Sara to create custom furniture for their client’s homes, businesses and vacation retreats. Sara manages the entire process from initial development, manufacturing and installation.

Sara’s own furniture collections are sold throughout the Americas to private clients and to designers with preferential pricing. All furniture is handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with highly skilled manufacturers, craftsmen and artisans.


Sara Jaffe is highly credentialed; earning a Masters in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley.  Sara has taught interior design in San Francisco at AICASF and FIDM, and in New York City at F.I.T.

Sara splits her time between the Bay Area and New York City, with a heavy dose of Europe in between.  Her designs reflect the breadth of her travels. When not designing, Sara Jaffe is a gourmet cook who loves to entertain. Understanding cooking is one of the reasons Sara knows how to design kitchens that function magnificently.  Sara Jaffe Designs has been published in various magazines and books, and shown in galleries across the country.

92 1/2 Purdue Avenue, Kensington, California 94708