Sloan Miyasato is a multi-line wholesale showroom dedicated to providing distinctive residential and commercial furnishings to northern California’s vibrant interior design community.

Sloan Miyasato opened its first San Francisco Design Center showroom at the original Ice House complex in 1978. The founders were Asian antique collectors with an extraordinary eye for the unique, the original, and the refined.  This remains integral to Sloan Miyasato’s DNA. 

Sloan Miyasato was the first permanent tenant at The Showplace. Over the years, the finest lighting, fabrics, furniture, fine art, accessories, and floor coverings were added to the showroom – further securing Sloan Miyasato’s place among America’s most elite design resources.

For four decades Sloan Miyasato has kept its finger on the pulse of the interior design scene and forged lasting relationships with the most prestigious product lines, brands and artisans across the country—and the globe.

The result is Sloan Miyasato serves discerning designers and architects with the world’s most inspiring, exciting and finest-quality products, objects and brands.   

Sloan Miyasato

2 Henry Adams Street #300, San Francisco, California 94103