Stacey Lapuk was raised by parents who encouraged her to savor the arts, design and craftsmanship.  Traveling to museums and classes throughout New England and New York was routine for Stacey.   

And when Stacey was back home in Connecticut, something was always being created or hand crafted.  She learned that handmade is a verb with a narrative, not a noun.  One of her fondest memories is her father refinishing their grand piano.

Stacey’s upbringing and family have propelled her to a very successful interior design career with extraordinary private clients.  Her brothers and sister remain her closest friends and allies as they share the deeply embedded values their parents taught them.  In particular, her brother Keith has taught Stacey the importance of health.  Big sisters have a special relationship, responsibility, and love when their brother has Downs Syndrome.  This is why Stacey has become a thought-leader in the study of Biophilia – the impact of design on well-being.

Stacey intuitively understands that quality, the preservation of the arts and craftsmanship, being healthy and professional design are integral to living a life of abundance.  In fact, those values are integral to every project Stacey accepts.



Stacey Lapuk Interiors / Indigo Interiors Inc. 

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